Windermere speed limit widely ignored

As a change from walking around it, I got out my old kayak last weekend and paddled up Windermere. I started at Millerground and made my way up the east shore of the lake as far as Brockhole, then carried on across to the other side finishing at Pullwood Bay where I met up with some friends for a barbie.

Being a pleasant afternoon there were many boats out on the lake and although it's been a few years since I last had a paddle, the conditions were better for small craft like mine. The 10mph speed limit however was being ignored by a handful of boats. Their tactics seem to be to put on the power for a short burst then slow down again, see if they have drawn any attention and if not try another burst of speed. Most of this was over by the west shore and didn't really cause any anyone any inconvenience.

I don't think the authorities really want to make waves and punish anyone. I have only read of a couple of prosecutions since the ban came in. Both sides seem to know the rules of the game, if the boaters don't overdo it, the authorities will keep a low profile. This formula seems to work for now but I would hazard a guess that once the powerboat fraternity realise that they are getting away with it they'll keep pushing and we'll see more and more speeding incidents.