Lovely weather for the time of year

We British have an obsessive pre-occupation with the weather. We're always complaining about it in one way or another. But here in Windermere we really can't complain. True we shared with most of the country a surfeit of wet weather during what we nominally call summer but fortunately were spared the flooding that hit other parts of the country. I suppose this is something to do with the hills and the lakes and the fact that this place usually gets plenty of rain anyway, so the drainage system and rivers are designed to cope.

But it's the first week in October, the sun is shining and it's very warm. I've just returned from a jog along the Windermere Way, from Troutbeck to the summit of Wansfell. It was glorious and there were plenty of people, out and about enjoying the weather.

Clear autumn skies from Wansfell

Getting to the point of this ramble. With the superb spring and autumn that we have had, combined with a few good days during the summer, I think it's been a really good year. A summer that starts in April and goes through to October is OK in my book even if there were a few wet days in between. It's certainly been a better summer than many I can remember and makes the winter seem that much shorter.