Windermere or Bowness?

Where does Windermere end and Bowness begin? It’s a bit of a moot question as there’s no clear division between the two. However it is a question that vexes some of our readers. In the introduction to this site, I’ve described Windermere as ‘being on the lake’. I probably get taken to task on this issue more often than any other, usually by ‘disgusted of Bowness’.

Most of my respondents take pains to point out that it’s Bowness that is ‘on the lake’. True it is. But so is Windermere. The lake is not as accessible from Windermere as it is from Bowness but Windermere is still on the lake. In any case, since the two parish councils joined forces as Windermere Town Council, de facto, Windermere is on the lake.

But dear reader, this site is being viewed in Bowness and in Beijing and in a global context it makes sense to use the name that everyone knows. Apologies if you don’t agree.