Skating in the New Year

It's not often these days we have a prolonged period of weather, cold enough to freeze the lakes over. I was up in Langdale a few days ago and Elterwater was partially frozen. Anyway, today I decided to call round and wish my mate Paul a Happy New Year. His wife Anni, informed me that he had headed up to School Knott and taken his Ice Skates with him. Visualising an opportunity to watch a friend perform his own 'You've been framed' moment I hurried to join him.

When I arrive he was already zooming around on the ice which was really thick. We stayed mostly near to the edge where the water was shallow but despite an occasional alarming crack the ice held firm. Just to add to the merriment a couple of women walked by and gave us a right mouthful about how dangerous it was. We wished them a Happy New Year and they left muttering to themselves.

A great start to 2009. Paul is the one who looks like he knows how to skate, I'm the one who doesn't…

Happy New Year!