We've been out and about adding waymarking to the route of the Windermere Way.

To get the ball rolling, the first waymarks have been added around the southern end of the walk and from Bowness up to Robin Lane on Wansfell. Our objective is to mark where the path leaves or joins a road first then later on add more waymarks at suitable points along the route.

Windermere Marathon

If you think four days is too long to go around the lake, next sunday sees the re-introduction of the Windermere Marathon. The marathon of course takes a slightly shorter route than the Windermere Way and we would say a less interesting one. Nonetheless it's a good way to get a quick taster of the scenery on offer. The record for the run stands at 2' 23" 16.
I did run the inaugural marathon back in the eighties, my time was 4' 10" and I don't know how many seconds.

Seaplanes may return to Windermere

A Canadian company hopes to start running seaplanes trips to Windermere, if it can get past the tough 10mph byelaw. AirSea lines is in talks with Cumbria Tourism and Cumbria Vision to start a service from London to the Lake District. This does of course present the planners with a bit of a dilemma having established the 10mpm limit a couple of years ago.
There are other lakes the service could use of course, but Windermere has several hotels right on it's shores and the appeal of a direct service from the capital is very appealing.
Friends of the Lake District have their usual concerns about 'disrupting the tranquility of the area'. If they think Windermere is tranquil, perhaps they should get out more.