Winter beauty

Windermere in November to me spells 'inversion'. Short for 'Temperature Inversion' it means foggy mornings where the cloud hangs low over the lake and the surrounding valleys. But get a little higher and you soon rise up above the cloud into a clear autumn morning.

The forecast for this weekend was so good however that for once I rose really early, and was up on the ridge above Elterwater at 6:00 am. It was pitch black at the time and away from the street lights, the stars were magnificent. I didn't have to wait too long for dawn to start peeking over the horizon. The mist ebbed and flowed across the ridge and the clear sky gave way to a layer of mid height cloud. Great for a good sunrise.

It was a cold 2 hours before the sun finally edged out from behind a distant Ingleborough and illuminated the snow covered Coniston and Langdale peaks with a beautiful rosy glow.

It was really a day to spend on the fells but due to work commitments I was back home tucking in to bacon butties by 9:00.