Flying Boats on Windermere

As you walk around the tranquil shores of Windermere it’s hard to imagine that it once played an important role during the Second World War. Situated well away from the traditional industrial areas, Windermere was home to a factory used to build Short Sunderland Flying Boats.

A remarkable piece of research has pieced together memories of those involved with the project and photographs of the factory and the site. This was on display at the Marchesi Centre this weekend but has also been published online at

The factory was located at Calgarth, just north of Troutbeck Bridge in an area now occupied by a White Cross Bay caravan site.

A small community built up close to the site on land that is now occupied by The Lakes School. At the end of the war the accommodation was used to house child survivors of the concentration camps. Not much remains of the original works today, save for the large concrete slipway, used today by residents of the park.