Knoydart Walk - Day Four

June 22nd
Well it seemed like a good idea at the time, a high level camp, that is. Anyway the morning weather appeared no better than the night before and after a poor night’s sleep I was in no rush to get going. Eventually emerging from my sleeping bag I did for one moment consider heading for the valley. But there was the Saddle, looming over me and just asking to be climbed.

I considered traversing round and climbing the Forcan Ridge but quite frankly I’d had enough of messing around with ridges in poor weather (If you’re reading this Ridge - nothing personal). Anyway from what I understand it was too good to squander on a bad day so I took the easy option which was the path straight up from the Bealach.

On top of the Saddle

Spot my tent - bottom right corner!


Moody evening light on Loch Duich

Leaving the tent and kit it took just under an hour and now suitably warmed up I returned to the tent, struck camp and took the long route down Allt a Choire Chaoil to Sheil Bridge where I made a bee line for the Youth Hostel at Ratagan.